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Erwann Heussaff, ibinahagi ang lunch date nila kasama ang asawa ilang araw matapos ito manganak

The actress and TV Host Anne Curtis was always open to her relationship with her husband, Erwann Heussaff the sister of the actress Solenn Heusaff. From the very beginning of their relationship, to the engagement, and the wedding itself, which were even shared on Its Showtime, the long time running noon time show Anne hosts.

 When Anne announces her pregnancy through a creative video shoot, many people celebrated with her. Especially her sister in law, the equally gorgeous Solenn have announced her expectancy of a new part of their family not too long ago.

From there, netizens were very excited on Anne's every snapped shots of her 9 months journey of being pregnant. Until just recently, the news announced that the actress already gave birth to a healthy, bouncy baby girl.

Although the couple refused to show their baby, Dahlia Amelie's face to the media, Erwann and Anne shared photos of them holding their baby, and some teasing shots that leave the fans asking for more.

And just recently, another activity from the Heusaff Family was shared through Erwann's IG account, showing Anne while having a drink. It seems like the family is having a date few days after Anne successfully recover from her fragile state.

On an Instagram story by Anne's husband, he said that they are just having their "lunch dates" while they are still on a vacation in Australia.

Meanwhile, her fans expressed their concern for the TV Host.

“Take extra care miss Anne. Mahirap mabinat.”

“Congratulations, Anne! Stay safe & healthy, Heussaff fam.”

“Nice to see you on a date, Anne! Ingat lagi.”

“You need it. After giving birth, you deserve to be taken care of.”

Do you already have experience with raising kids? What can you advise to this young couple who is now going to face the challenge of raising and connecting with their child? Share us your suggestions in the comment section below!

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