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Grabe ang ginawa ni Baron Geisler sa kanyang fan

In the past, Baron Geisler has been infamous for his ill-temper. If you can remember, the actor was involved in several verbal and physical altercations with multiple people. Because of these instances, Baron earned a reputation for being a temperamental person.

After a long hiatus from the show business, more and more people are now seeing the actor in a different light.

Today, he is finally engaged and has found his calling to the lord. In fact, one fan has a testimony about the actor's unbelievable transformation!

On Facebook, Jacob Christopher Celiz Colinco shared his encounter with the actor. Based on Colinco's narration, which has since become viral, he bumped into the actor in a mall. Upon seeing him, Colinco did not hesitate to ask for a picture with Baron.

The actor willingly obliged, but he had a request for his fan. Apparently, Baron told Colinco that he only have little time to spare because he will be late for a church service.

"Bilisan niyo guys, malalate na tayo sa Church," quipped the actor as per Colinco's story.
As expected, Colinco was shocked to hear these words from Baron himself! He cannot help but took to Facebook to share his observation. He was quoted as to saying:

"Nakakamangha at Nakaka-inlove si Lord kasi nagpapabago at binabago niya yung taong akala natin walang kwenta at walang patutunguhan yung Buhay niya. Baron Giesler is the living proof of how God can make your Life change if you Believe in him."

Meanwhile, Colinco's Facebook post also earned praises from the netizens. As of writing this, the said post has already garnered more than 33,000 shares.

Were you also surprised with Baron Geiler's transformation? We'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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