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Heart Evangelista, "Tamang Paglulugar sa Sarili", umano ang susi upang maging isang mabuting step-mom

Parenting is hard. Even from the very start of the journey which is conceiving, you are responsible as a parent will already start even with an unborn kid. As a father, you have to provide the needs and necessities for your family while the mother dutifully takes care of herself and the baby.

And as the baby comes out and gets welcomed by the world, your responsibility becomes even more bigger.

And that is where the challenge gets even more hard to deal with. If a parent is known to have a hard time connecting with their kid, what more could it be for a step-parent?

That is what Heart Evangelista stressed out recently on her video blog on her Youtube channel, Dear Heart.

According to the actress, as the youngest member of the family, having a hard time to get along with the kids was an understatement.

Her husband Senator Chiz Escudero's children who were twins, were already 4 years old when Heart met and married him. And since then, she had learned a lot of things being a step-mother.

"It's really going to push you to your limit." Heart said. "Because having a child is very special but your patience has to be long and winding road, you know, because technically, they are not yours."

According to Heart, the key on being a good step-parent is to know where you should stand, especially when it comes to giving discipline.

"You'll never be their mom. You have to understand they'll always have their mom... You have to have pure intentions." The fashion icon advised.

Do you agree on Heart's perception on how she plays her role as a step-mother? What do you think you can recommend for other fellows out there who are having a heart time bonding with their step kids? Share us in the comment section!

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