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Isang lalaking gumamit ng cellphone habang nakacharge, patay matapos makuryente sa kanyang gadget

Have you ever tried using your cellphone while its charging? Or much worse, have you already tried wearing your headset on while your phone is gaining battery percentage? Uh-oh, may the story of this certain man from Thailand who thought doing these things are okay and not harmful actually lead him into something more horrible.

According to Kami PH a man named Supakhet Saraboon, age 35, found dead on his apartment in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya last Monday, February 24 due to brain electric shock.After the investigation, the results turned out that Supakhet's case was clearly not murder  as they found no trace of suspect or any hints of potential crime.

“There are no suspects involved with the death, so we believe it is an accident caused by the phone,” Said Police Colonel Surapong Thammapitak.

"People need to be careful when they are using headphones and charging their phone at the same time,” He added.

It was all because of the consideration of one of his good friends, Sukpanya when he decided to visit him after 3 days of no contact from Supakhet which is extremely unusual.

When his ex-girlfriend urged him to pay his friend whom he used to play football with, that's when he thought something was wrong.

"So I went to his house and found no one," Sukpanya said as she shared what happened on that day. 

"Another neighbor and I decided to break into his house, then we found him dead,” He continued.

His friend and family could not believe Supakhet's unfortune but hopes what happened can serve not only a warning but also a lesson to those people who can't stop using their phone anytime.

Would you still use your phone after discovering what happened to this man? Frankly, Supakhet's death was not the first time. Many had already been victimized of exploding phones and battery due to overcharging or overheating. So the next time you felt the temptation of scrolling on your feed while charging, better think about it twice.

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