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KC Conception and Apl de Ap, bagong love team na nga ba?

Allan Pineda Lindo, also known as the Filipino pride's Apl de Ap, who is a singer, rapper and the lead vocalist of one of the greatest band in Hollywood music, Black Eyed Peas seem to have a blooming love life ever since he started expressing his admiration towards KC Concepcion.

The Mega Star Sharon Cuneta's eldest daughter KC Concepcion and Apl de Ap are speculated to develop a more than friends relationship as they were numerously spotted together hanging out, eating dinner or partying somewhere. There were even rumors that Apl de Ap used to gift KC expensive jewelries just to prove his seriousness in pursuing the actress.

Even when KC cleared that she was not ready for any relationship yet way back Apl de Ap first expressed his adoration towards the 34 year old actress in 2013, it looks like their friendship grew stronger as Apl were determined to be closer with KC.

And now, reports are saying that the two of them are already near on announcing their thing as official already.

It was also said that KC even flew to America just to watch Apl's band perform on their some concert. And recently, the two attended the 2019 SEA Games that was held here in the Philippines. If you can remember, Apl and the rest of the Black Eyed Peas except Fergie.

Amidst the rumors, the Mega Star was also asked about her opinions regarding the potential relationship of her daughter but surprisingly, the mother seemed to be clueless.

Does Sharon deters the idea? Despite of being caught off guard, she proceeded to answer the question that she has so much respect and support towards the international star and showed no hints of disapproval regarding the issue but said that it could have been better if she heard about this first from her daughter.

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