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Lalaking may kakaibang karamdaman, nagpaluha sa mga netizens

Filipinos are always known to be hospitable and empathetic. That is why whenever we see our fellow Filipino or even someone from a foreign country, having such a hard time surviving here in the Philippines, our first instinct is to help, regardless of how unstable our own financial status is.

As the times goes by, the digital world evolves and it becomes a platform not to only voice out or unspoken thoughts but to seek help for ourselves and for others. Just like we usually do, we post a "shout out" as what the others like to call it to call the attention of other fellows who is more capable of helping to lend a helping hand for those who are extremely struggling.

And that is just what happened on a viral post of a man named Donald Jay Caporas, who shared a heart breaking photo of a man he happened to be a co-passenger at the jeepney. The picture shows a blind man with a serious skin condition that it even affects it eyelids, up to the insides of his eyes. His skin is extremely dry and mostly wounded, and his ears are almost folded that makes the other passenger get scared of him.

But unlike them, Donald decided to approach the guy who he had known to have a condition of Ichthyosis, and asked for information which can help him call out for help.
He discovered that the only parent the man have is his mother, who seemed to be having a hard time due to health issues as well. He hopes that by posting the man's situation, he can help him even in a tiniest way.

Where is the man and how is he doing right now? Up until now, none of these questions from the concerned netizens have been answered but they are continuously hoping that the guy will receive the medical assistance he mostly needs.

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