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Family dog grabs and throws baby

Family Dog Withholds Baby, Then Mom Sees Surprising Reason Why

Catherine Svilicic never would have guessed her rescue dog would act out with aggression towards her young 17 month-old baby! When a mother sees her own child being tossed like that, they fear for her child’s life of course and her precious face. A young baby like that would hopefully not need cosmetic surgery to fix claw marks on her delicate face. Thus, on that fateful morning, she ran with her baby to shelter, but what happened next revealed something about her new dog’s intentions.

One Strange Morning

Back when Catherine Svilicic chose to adopt the rescue Doberman, she did not expect anything but a loving pet. Of course, she envisioned the dog bonding with her baby daughter and becoming inseparable. Once things unexpectedly changed in her own backyard, she was shocked!

Unusual Behavior

Even though she knew rescues come from abuse or neglect and that can affect their behavior, she took a chance. I guess that’s what rescue is all about…taking a chance on a poor animal so maybe the animal will live a better life.

Adopting A Rescue

While many people prefer to buy a new dog from a breeder, another option is to adopt a rescue dog. There are so many dogs waiting to be rescued and have a family to call their own. Adopting is a great way to help improve the life of a rescue pup.

Adding To The Family

Just as many families do at a point, the Svilicics chose to add a new family member by adopting a pet. Shortly after her daughter Charlotte’s birth, Catherine decided she wanted a close bond with a dog for Charlotte.

Making The Big Decision

The family knew they wanted perform a good deed. By rescuing, they were saving a dog. As they already had a healthy child, they felt fortunate enough to save another life.

Making The Big Decision

The family knew they wanted perform a good deed. By rescuing, they were saving a dog. As they already had a healthy child, they felt fortunate enough to save another life.

Calling the Shelter

Thus, Catherine called the dog shelter close by to inquire about adoption. After hearing about the available animals, she chose a Doberman Pinscher. Once they signed adoption papers, they named the dog Khan.

Some Reservations

Catherine decided to adopt to add a protector to the family. Perhaps, the idea of rescue did give her a bit of reservations as she signed the papers for adoption. Yet, she put her faith in the dog.

A Special Bond

There’s nothing quite like the bond between dogs and humans. This is especially the case when a dog is brought into a young child’s life, as the child grows up with a companion, friend, and protector.

Lessons From Pet Dogs

Catherine was hopeful this would provide valuable lessons for her baby, such as sharing, learning to love and responsibility to care for animals. She was looking forward to having the dog join the family.

Falling In Love

Despite hearing of Khan’s rough background, Catherine immediately loved the dog. She was overjoyed to bring this special dog back to her family. Of course, she realized there were risks involved.

Rationalizing Risks

Well, the obvious risks fromm bringing a large, potentially dangerous canine to her young baby, Catherine pushed them aside. If she had not adopted Khan, he would have been put down just a week later. So, this was his new life and second chance, and the family was hoping for the best.

Seemingly Normal Day

Everything began smoothly. They trained Khan during the first few days. However, everything changed on that fourth day when the dog acted completely out of character.

Usual Play

The fateful day began with the usual playtime outside. Although baby Charlotte had her parents watching from a distance, they did not notice anything out of the ordinary. Charlotte and the new dog had been making a habit of playing out back like this. However, things were different this day.

Trouble In The Yard

So what was actually happening out there? The two were not being loud or crazy. They began running through the backyard grass together. That was until Khan’s temperament seemed to change dramatically.

Wild Actions During Playtime

Again, Catherine watched the two closely, feeling reassured in her decision to adopt Khan. Surprisingly, things had changed within an instant!

Out Of Character

Khan began acting wildly aggressive. This was not the normal play between the two. Something was terribly wrong here. He stopped the play and grabbed the baby.

Khan Acting Wild

Mouth agape, Catherine watched in complete and utter shock. She did not understand what set Khan off and how he could suddenly, become this way. She knew her child could never provoke the animal. Could those fearful people who warned her about his breed be right? Or was it his past triggering this behavior?

Unbelievable Actions

She watched as Khan tossed Charlotte across their lawn! What happened next alarmed Catherine and everyone present. No one could believe what they saw! Meanwhile her baby seemed to be unaffected as she continued to wander through the grass.

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