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Bibilib Ka Dito Sa Ginawa Ni Nadine Lustre

A small business owner shared on TikTok her experience of Nadine Lustre messaging her to purchase one of their products.

An eco-friendly and small business ‘A to Zero Waste’ owned by Danica Gonzaga, shared on TikTok her conversation with Nadine Lustre. She said that Lustre found her shop through Lauren, James Reid’s sister, who spoke highly of their kitchen tools. The actress then inquired how to purchase Danica’s products.

The owner said that she’s amazed at how Nadine promotes small businesses and eco-friendly products. Danica said that she wanted to give it to the actress for free, but Nadine was hesitant to accept the offer at first because she wanted to support the business.

When Nadine received the product, she posted it to her Instagram story to promote ‘A to Zero Waste’.

They don’t have a deal that she had to post and tag the shop, Danica said. But because of Nadine’s Instagram story, ‘A to Zero Waste’ Shop got a lot of support and follows from her fans.

Avid fans of Nadine Lustre made a thread on Twitter that this is how an influencer should support small businesses. Instead of asking for free products, why not try to purchase them instead.

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