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Ellen Adarna Pinatunayang Hot Padin Siya At Sexy Kahit May Anak Na

What is actress slash bombshell Ellen Adarna up to now?

Let’s face it, her 1.6 million Instagram followers aren’t really waiting for the answer to that — the mere sight of the 28-year-old Mindanaoan is enough to cut off the blood supply to their brain.

Ellen has been known to share suggestive pictures of herself, but her Instagram post on Aug 7 may very well be the sexiest of them all.

In the photo, Ellen is tugging hard at what appears to be a tank top, accidentally revealing her boobs and nether regions.

Covering her nipples and vajayjay are three emojis — the cheekiest is the winking ghost with his tongue hanging out, strategically placed down there.

“Thanks for the photo,” she tells photographer Mark Nicdao. “Lovin the emojis.”

What’s there not to love?

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