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Ivana Alawi May Pumasok Sakanya Hindi Sinasadya Naging Wild

With her luscious skin and bewitching doll face, newcomer Ivana Alawi is a sight to behold. Ivana, who is of Moroccan and Filipina descent, has a striking and formidable presence that makes her ideal for "maldita" roles like the one she plays in Sino ang Maysala? Please accept my apologies.



Ivana takes on the role of Lolita del Rio, a goal-oriented debate champion. She had a tragic past, but meeting Lucio del Rio (Jay Manalo), a businessman far older than her who later became her husband, changed her life completely.

Lolita is destined to prove everyone wrong, despite being the target of malicious assumptions from those who look down on her. Despite becoming a wife and mother at a young age, Lolita struggled for her dreams before she was named to the 2014 bar exam pass list. However, the events the followed that life-changing moment gradually exposed Lolita's darker sides.

One of her first sins would be infidelity. During her barkada's late-night road trip in Baguio, she would inadvertently hit a pedestrian when she took over the driver's seat. Lolita, on the other hand, will be among the first to advocate for keeping the victim behind instead of owning up to her crime.

Lolita would think highly of herself if she had a knowledge of the constitution and international law; hence, the audacity to use her abilities to flee the dark mystery that had been stalking her circle.

In Sino ang Maysala, don't miss Ivana's moving performance as Lolita del Rio. On ABS-CBN Primetime Bida, Mea Culpa airs weeknights.

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