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Mother Discovers Son’s Bride is Her Long-Lost Daughter, Siblings Getting Married

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A woman who was attending her son’s wedding discovered that the bride is her long-lost daughter! Thankfully, he’s just adopted and the wedding was able to proceed as planned.

The emotional event happened in Suzhou, China during a wedding last March 31. Apparently, it was the first time that the groom’s mother met the bride. While the wedding was underway, the groom’s mother noticed that the bride had a distinct birthmark on her hand that looks identical to the one her daughter had.

Apparently, they lost the girl when she was still a small child but the mother could not forget how her birthmark looked then. Even though so many years had already passed, this mom held her daughter in her heart even if she doesn’t know how she looks now that she has grown up.

Feeling nervous because she had no idea how the bride’s parents would react, she finally summoned the courage to ask whether they had adopted their daughter. The other couple was shocked because they had never told anyone about their daughter’s secret.

They narrated how they found the child by the roadside, crying and alone at the time. When they couldn’t find the girl’s parents, they simply decided to adopt her.

The wedding soon turned into an emotional reunion for the mother and her long-lost daughter. But because the younger woman was getting married to her mother’s son, this soon caused another commotion. Was she actually marrying her own brother?

Thankfully, this was soon cleared after the woman explained that her son was just adopted. It turned out that she and her husband longed to have another baby when they lost their daughter. When she couldn’t get pregnant again, they decided to adopt.

It was really just so amazing that their adopted son would be the one to lead them to their long-lost daughter! Wow.

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