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Renejay At Samantha Break Up Scripted At Prank Lang Pala

Mariz De Villa Barcarse, the sister of Pro Mobile Legends player Renejay took to social media wherein she shared a post about cheating.

On Facebook, Mariz reposted a tweet of social media star Andrea Angeles who wrote: “sobrang sakit sa feeling na mag-cheat sayo partner mo and it will create insecurities, trust issues, trauma & thoughts of self doubt.”

“sana wag niyo iparanas yun sa partner niyo. Face with cold sweat they may forgive you, but they will never forget the pain you made them feel,” she added.

While the sister of Renejay refused to elaborate her shared post, it can be deduced that it has something to do with the breakup of SamJay.

Renejay Barcarse and Samantha “Sam” Lee are currently making rounds online following their separation.

Peter “Basic” Lozano, a pro ML player is being tagged as the third party in SamJay breakup.

But Samantha “Sam” Lee kept mum on the real reason why she and Renejay got separated.

Unfortunately, there were photos of Sam and Basic getting viral online. Basic on the other hand is yet to air his side on the issue.

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