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Sexy And Hot UAAP Volleyball Girls You Should Watch

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like them!

Now that we’ve seen them all play for the past two weeks, it’s time to list down who are this year’s prettiest faces of UAAP Season 81 women’s volleyball. Ready? Here we go!

DLSU – Michelle Cobb

First on our list is DLSU’s, Michelle Cobb. After filling in the shoes of ‘The Kaftain’, Kim Fajardo, La Salle’s go-to setter is continuously shining brightly in the UAAP stage. Though aside from that, we cannot deny that she has one of the most gorgeous faces as well.

This barbie-like girl can “set” your hearts on fire with a smile. You better not miss one of her games this season because you’ll definitely regret if you do.

Ateneo – Maddie Madayag

Following Cobb on our list is a definite it girl! It’s Ateneo’s next big thing, Maddie Madayag. She is beauty and brain that can make you go down on your knees with her wit and humor. She always “hit” the right spot that’ll surely make her memorable. People can say that Maddie is more than just a pretty face, right?

UST – Eya Laure

Coming up the ranks as well is UST’s neophyte, Eya Laure. She might be boyish and chill but, if you checked out her Instagram feed, you’ll come to know how girly she can get. Who wouldn’t take a second look once she gives you that amazing smile? But be careful boys and girls, our little lady here has a boyfriend! Though, you can still enjoy watching her during UST games.

UE – Seth Rodriguez

Next on our list is an M-A-G-I-C C-I-T-Y lady, Seth Rodriguez. Well, it’s pretty clear that she’s on the list with her charisma all over the place, right? And we’re not only speaking when she’s inside the court.

It’s hard not to stand out in a crowd if you’re anything like Seth. Let’s get real here, it’s hard to pull off plain v-neck shirts, especially white ones (most girls should agree on this) and somehow, she is nailing it.

Adamson – Chiara Permentilla

This next one is one hell of a volleyball player and probably one of Adamson’s strongest arsenal, Chiara Permentilla. Though, it seems that her hits inside the court is as impactful as she is in the eyes. Added to that is her impeccable taste in clothing which she probably picked up in Italy which is amazeballs as people say. Watch the Lady Falcons games and you might caught a glimpse of what style she could be wearing that day!

FEU – Celine Domingo

Following our fashion guru is Celine Domingo. Quite intriguing name in the “volleyverse” a few years back but she does leave an impression on people. And a rather cute one. Aside from the tenacity she shows every game, you can also notice her upbeat and charm which makes her a whole package. A beautiful star athlete.

NU – Ivy Lacsina

Up next is NU Bulldogs’ rookie sensation, Ivy Lacsina. This kid really made an impression with her game performances during NU games as became the instant face of NU women’s volleyball team.

Also, did we mention that she is a quite a looker? You read that right. If you haven’t seen her or watched any of the NU games yet, well you should. ‘Cause her 6-foot-2 height is not the only thing unbelievable as well.

UP – Roselyn Rosier

Last but definitely not the least is UP Lady Maroons’, Roselyn Rosier. Doesn’t her name fits her so well? She is like a rose among thorns. Rosier is not only a reliable wing spiker for her team but she could also passed off as a celebrity. Have you guys seen her up close? She’s like Georgina Wilson slash Liza Soberano pretty. How can you beat that?

Anyway, these wonderful ladies are more than their looks. They are great and talented athletes that makes their school proud. We can say that they are a beauty with a purpose. So, don’t forget to cheer and support their teams until the season ends!

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