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Rhen Escaño ang bagong pantasya ng bayan

Rhen Escaño managed to make the rounds of the three major television networks in her first 10 years in show biz. But nothing really clicked, she said. It wasn’t until she stepped out of her comfort zone that things started falling into place.

“I started out in TV5, moved to GMA 7 and worked with ABS-CBN. But then I realized I had been doing this for so long, but nothing was happening. I was scared, so I ended up limiting myself. I couldn’t even do kissing scenes,” she told the Inquirer in a recent Zoom interview for her new movie, “Paraluman.”

In 2019, Rhen finally mustered the courage to take on more challenging and daring roles, as in the psychological drama-thriller “Untrue,” and the sexy drama “Adan.” In both films she had to show some skin. So she set aside her inhibitions and went for it.

“Doing those projects confirmed what I had been thinking all along—kulang lang sa tapang. I was lacking in that aspect, that’s why nothing was happening with my career. After those, more opportunities opened up for me,” related the 24-year-old talent, who renewed her contract with Viva Entertainment earlier this year.

Her transition to more mature roles came as a surprise to her family. But after the initial shock came appreciation.

“They attended the premiere night of ‘Untrue.’ My father was shocked—and it was to be expected. But by the end of the film, he was impressed with my acting and courageous performance. I felt that it was all worth it. My family appreciate my work and have been supportive,” she said.

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