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Rhen Escano at Cindy Miranda Bigay Todo Sa Kanilang Eksena at Talagang Parehong Magaling

Today's foreign film for Foreign Film Friday features foxy Filipinos touching each other. It's a lesbian lovefest in this Asian film from Roman Perez that introduces us to the movie's stars in the best way possible: by showing them nude. Join me in celebrating today's foreign film, Adan.

Adan was released in 2019 and follows a friendship between two young women that blossoms into something much more intense after one of them asks the other for help escaping from her controlling father. She seems to escape by touching and kissing her new best friend. Their sleepovers really take a hot turn when these babes go under each other's shirts to feel each other up Rhen EscaƱo plays Ellen and Cindy Miranda plays Marian. Both of these babes doff their tops to go swimming in a lake, showing bare brown boobs on both of them.

Watch Cindy and Rhen get topless and touch each other in one of their multiple nude scenes. This one is one of my favorite in the film, where the two babes start washing each other and it turns into a moan-filled sapphic sex scene. They are shy at first, but then they REALLY get into it with their shirts off and their fingers in places where the sun don't shine.

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